Hello and welcome to the gail.com FAQ.

Q: Why isn't there any content here?
A: All personal web content is hidden on back pages to conserve bandwidth.

Q: Interested in selling gail.com?
A: Sorry, no.

Q: How did you manage to get gail.com?
A: My husband registered it as a birthday gift back in 1996.

Q: How many times a day is this page visited?
A: In 2015 this page received 1,836,039 hits, which is an average of 5,030 per day. Eighty-three percent of those hits were from unique IP addresses. Occasionally, we get Reddited and get several tens of thousands of visitors over a day or so.

Q: I think you're infringing on my trademark...
A: If you consult with someone well versed in trademark law, they will tell you that you can't have an exclusive trademark on a common word or name. My husband and I successfully defended ourselves against an attempted domain takeover in 2006; see WIPO Case D2006-0655 for more information.

Q: Are you interested in monetizing gail.com?
A: No, but thanks for asking.

Q: Don't you know that you could throw some ads up and make money?
A: Yes, I know, thank you. For those who feel they need more advertising in their life, please have a look at our swanky Electronic Frontier Foundation ad below.

If you have a question not answered above, feel free to send it to: faq at gail period com. Thanks for visiting.



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